1. The tournament is open to all Registerd Members of EXSAS.
  2. The tournament will be held on 19 November 2017 (Sunday) at SJK (C) Kwong Hong, Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
  3. The registration is limited to 10 Teams.
  4. Teams will be split into two group, five teams for each group will be playing in 1st round. Two teams with the most point will be playing Cup Semi-Final and the the winners will marching on Final to decide the Champion. Other two team which lost in Semi-Final will play for 3rd place.
  5. Entrance Fee for a Team is RM 50.00. All completed entry forms together with entrance fee or other supporting documents must reach us by 10 November 2017.
  6. The organizer or any parties involved in the tournament shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by teams, participants or individual’s, and for any injuries or deaths occurred during or after the tournament. The organizers however, will provide basic safety & medical assistance during the tournament.
  7. The organizer has the full right to change the duration, schedule, venue, etc. without prior notice to participating teams.
  8. Prizes for the winners will be given as below (subject to change depends on team participations):

    i. Champion – Medals
    ii. Runner-Up – Medals
    iii. First Runner-up - Medals
  9. More info, please contact Erman (2002) - 010 - 205 2546


  1. The games will be played in accordance with the latest laws of the game published by FIBA. However, certain adjustments have been made by the organizer and will be made known during the Team Manager’s Meeting.
  2. Team will consist of 3 players.
  3. The duration of each match will be 8 minutes per game.
  4. Participating teams are required to wear Team Jersey. Bibs will be provided for teams with similar jersey colour/design.
  5. Points are as follows:

    • Win – 2 Points
    • Draw – 1 Point
    • Lose – 0 Point

    In the event of 2 teams with similar points, the Goal Difference will be the tie-breaker to decide position in the Group. If the Goal Difference is still the same, the Free Throw sudden death will apply.

  6. Teams which fail to show up for their match (2 minutes after the start time) will be disqualified and the opposing team will be awarded a walkthrough and declared winners with 7 - 0 score line.
  7. In the event of any dispute, matters not provided for will be referred to the Organizing Committee whose decision will be final. RM 100 refundable deposit is required for any disputes to be made to the Organizing Committee.


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