23 years is a long time. Within that time period, we would have gone through school, college, girlfriends, marriages and working life. Never for once I would have thought I would have the opportunity to meet up with long-lost friends during my short stint at SEMSAS.

It all started earlier this year when I was invited to the SEMSAS 93/94 Boys’ Whatsapp group. Ever since then, it was a catching-up session for everyone. Faces and physiques might have changed for most of us. However, the fact that we’ve been sharing a whole lotta things back in 93/94 took us reminiscing the time back when we’re 16/17 years old through the apps.

Discussion varies from past experience, religion, working life, families and even politics but I’d say everyone felt the same that it would be great to meet up instead of typing away via the apps. Hafiz was the one who penned up the idea of having a reunion last weekend 30th September 2017 at Rumah Banglo MARA, Seksyen 12/10 in Petaling Jaya.

It took us months to plan out everything, souvenirs, F&B and accommodation were sorted out thanks to the committed few such as Hafiz, Haniff, Razak, Arbaq and Fytullah. Those who I missed out you know who you are. Without your contributions and effort, the reunion might just be an idea instead of a real one!

Some came a day earlier since it’s a two-day reunion as we’re all scattered around and some have to do a bit of travelling to be there. Dzul was the farthest to come for the reunion as he’s residing in Sarawak. Doctor Basir Ahamad was one of those who came for two days since he’s always on call due to work. Haizal came straight from a rugby tournament. That’s commitment I’d say.

It was quite an experience to actually meet up again those familiar faces 23 years ago. ‘Borak’ session while chomping away variety of delicacies and beverages was the main agenda during the reunion. All in all, there were 30 of us that came for the reunion. Even though it’s an all-boys’ affair this time around, I’d say it’s one of the best catching up session I’ve had over the years.

Hopefully the next reunion won’t be in 20 years’ time and it might not be a bad idea to include the ladies of our batch as well. Those who didn’t make it, we sure do hope that we get to see you during the next reunion insyaallah. Those who came, you guys made my day.

Guys, time to start planning for the next reunion I’d say. Till we meet again, insyaallah.

Photo : Haizal M Mohammed
News : Khairul Azlee Dato' Abdullah

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