Rules & Regulations - Bowling 2019



  • Date : 26 October 2019 (Saturday)
  • Venue : Sunway Mega Lanes, Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Time : 8.00 am



  • Purpose of the event is to conduct an activity that would foster a spirit of good fellowship and true sportsmanship within the EXSAS members

Eligibility and team registered

  • Open to all registered EXSAS Members only (who have paid a minimum of RM50 for membership fee) and to their Spouse and Childrens (One of team members must be an EXSAS Membership holder).
  • This event also open for Teachers and X-Teachers of SEMSAS.
  • Non-member who is interested to participate, has to register with the above mentioned minimum fees.
  • Only registered member of EXSAS can win TEAM (Both players must registered EXSAS
    membership) & INDIVIDUAL PRIZES except for Teachers & Ex-Teachers of SEMSAS.
  • One day team event consist of 3 bowlers per team.
  • Only official entry form shall be use for this event.
  • If any EXSAS member's who did not have a team but want to join the event, please do contact the event committee.


Team’s captain authority and responsibilities

  • Team captain is responsible for the eligibility, conduct and attendance of his/her team.


Team line-up

  • Arrangement of bowlers will be determined by the team captain and must be arranged in the entry form. Any changes shall be notified to the event committee one day before the event start



  • All bowlers shall start with 0 handicap .


Fees and mode of payment

  • Fee is amounted to RM180 per team
  • Payment can be made through : EXSAS SDN BHD : 562478173885 (Maybank)
  • Payments made through ‘cash deposit’ machine have to be verified with the ATM-slip before or on the event day and please call the person in-charge for verification. The committee is not liable for any loss from the ATM transaction.
  • Please email / fax your bank in slip to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • ind. hi-game (m) - trophy
  • ind. hi-series (m) - trophy
  • ind. hi-game (f) - trophy
  • ind. hi-series (f) - trophy
  • team champion - trophy
  • team 1st runner-up - trophy
  • team 2nd runner-up - trophy
  • team 3rd runner-up - trophy
  • team 4th runner-up - trophy
  • most outstanding player - trophy
  • perfect game - special gift – RM 100
  • Sports House Winner


Disability, injury or emergencies

  • When a bowler is unable to complete a game because of disability or emergency or injury during the event, the team of which he or she is a member shall count the actual score for the frames bowled in the game or max 100 scratch which ever a sufficient reason made by the committee.
  • The committee will not be responsible of any injury during the event day.


Event committee member

  • Comprising of an event President, Secretary, Treasurer and the General Committee.
  • The event committee shall decide on any dispute and it is within its power to discipline any members violating any provisions of these rules and regulations or the conduct derogatory to the best interest of this event. The committee shall have the full authority to expel any team or bowler for good and sufficient reason.


Any other matters not provided for

  • In the event of any dispute not covered by these rules, the matter will be referred to the Event Committee whose decision shall be final.



  • For further enquiries, information and entry form, please contact :
  • email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.