Pengetua Cikgu Abdul Rahim Hamid (sekarang Datuk) dan isteri Puan Kamaliah (Datin)

bersama guru-guru dan kakitangan pejabat SMSP 1973 semasa menumpang

di Temerloh, Sumbangan dari website Maaroff

Hasnah Mohamed menulis:

This time, let us remember some of the teachers who taught us in the years 1973 to 1977. Of course we had the Principal at that time Cikgu Rahim Hamid (now Datuk) and his wife Cikgu Puan Kamaliah (now Datin).

Cikgu Rahim had very big visions for us who were mostly students plucked out from some small kampongs or towns. He insisted we spoke in English. His school assemblies were conducted in English language and he would stand there and rambled on, outlining his vision for the school and us the students. Of course at that time in our school uniforms, when Cikgu Rahim spoke of future doctors, engineers and scientists, we thought, “Who?” and yawned. He had us eating using fork and spoon and we had our `High Table Dinner’ when teachers joined us at our spartanly furnished dining hall back then. There was no real high table though. Just the teachers at their table and us at our tables. It was actually an exercise to familiarise us with formal dinner functions.

Before and After

Kiri: Cikgu Abd Rahim Abd Hamid, Tuan Pengetua SMSP berucap pada Hari Guru
18 Mei 1973 (Gambar sumbangan Hasnah Mohamed)

Kanan: Datuk Abd Rahim Abd Hamid, berucap di Reunion SMSP7377 pada 8 September 2007 (Gambar diambil oleh Japri sumbangan fotobucket Sahridah Abu Samah)

Puan Kamaliah taught us Homescience. Homescience was for girls while the boys did Industrial Arts. We learned how to cook, iron and sew in Homescience (the science of homemaking?). The first thing we sewed under the instructions of Puan Kamaliah was our white kitchen apron. That was in 1973. Everything was hand stitched. There were no sewing machines then in ABS School Temerloh. That apron was pretty useful, we wore that white kitchen apron right up to 1975 (Form 3) after which Homescience subject stopped because we progressed to upper secondary (Form 4). The other item we stitched in 1973 that I remember was a sleeveless housecoat. It became almost every SMSP 1973 girls’ night dress after that. Quite cool, eh.

There is something we need to remember, we were 13-year olds full time in school hostels with not much kitchen or housework experience. Other girls who stayed at home managed to learn how to cook from their moms over their teen years. Whatever little homemaking skills we learned, we learned from Puan Kamaliah and later Cikgu Darma Taksiah. Well, basic cooking and household knowledge. What else can we expect from a once a week lesson ….

There was a Mr. Wilson. He taught Mathematics in 1974. One of the first `orang putih’ to teach at our school. Interesting fellow, his tie had many uses including as a handy napkin. He lived in Kuantan as he lived in the colder climes of United Kingdom, fewer showers the better. His famous words were,”Look at the board! Look at the board!” in his booming voice whenever we started to nod off in his class.

Later, we got more `orang putih’ under the Peace Corps arrangement. There was one Mr. Steve Wagner whom I remember because his surname was the same as Lindsay Wagner the actress who played Bionic Woman, a famous TV show at that time. Mr. Steve Wagner was a quiet young man and well liked by the students. I remember I went on a school trip to Kuala Lumpur in our green school bus one day with Mr. Steve Wagner and Cikgu Jemail as accompanying teachers. Mr. Steve Wagner spent the whole bus journey from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur sitting on the steps of the school bus. I think he was a victim of bullying. Poor fellow.

There were others besides Mr. Wilson and Mr. Wagner but I cannot recall their names anymore. There was a young male teacher from United Kingdom who met his future wife another female teacher from United Kingdom in SMSP/SEMSAS and later was married. I remember her as the one with short hair coloured in brown and blonde in chequered spotty fashion. It must be the hip look in United Kingdom then I supposed.

I like best Miss F. (for Francesca) Crossley. She taught me Chemistry in 1976 and 1977. I would have hated Chemistry but for her. I ended up being very interested in the subject and joined her Chemistry and Photography Club too. However, I must have asked for too much when a couple of friends and I asked for the formula to make stink bomb in Chemistry Club. She smiled and refused. No internet then, Google or search engines unheard of at that time. So it never happened with us.


Chemistry Society 1976 (Teacher in Charge: Miss F.E. Crossley)
Gambar sumbangan Hasnah Mohamed

Miss Crossley had these beautifully tailored dresses with local flavour like in batik material, little touches like Chinese look collars and effects like that. Her favouite footwear was a pair of clogs which surprisingly are still worn by many today in the western countries (because I still see them in catalogues today). It was a pair of slip-ons german-made Birkins (got to check this brand). Used to be very popular with the flower power set.

We also had a Mr. Smith who taught us Biology. He always got a flask and drinking cups of tea during Biology lessons. He said the weather was too hot and made him thirsty.

Two teachers who were very close to us girls were Cikgu Anizam and Cikgu Darma Taksiah. They were both our wardens at the girls hostel. Cikgu Anizam was the one who taught me the phrase `santeri jembel’, she was one deep, sensitive lady that one. Bersastera orang kata. Cikgu Darma Taksiah on the other hand was the more fashionable and always wore a kain labuh potongan-A with a well-cut blouse which showed off her figure. Orang lawa Cikgu Darma Taksiah ni. I think abit later they were joined by Cikgu Norizan who later married Cikgu Kamaruzzaman.

I got to stop here and ask for help from you guys to continue this piece, what you remember about our teachers back then. Tolong! Tolong! Tolong! J


Latiffa Zamzam (MCE 1978) menulis:

Kak Hasnah,
I baru terbaca your entry. usually I just lurk tapi kali ni tak tahan la.... kena respon gak bcos your reminiscing brings back the memories in a giant wave of technicolour lol..... especially bcos you're writing mostly about the mat/minah sallehs who, in actual fact, are the 'coloured' ones (rambut blonde/red, mata biru/hijau, kulit putih/pink)!!! Diorang tak mengajar my class pun tapi word gets around... I remember stories about Mr Wilson and his 'infamous' tie (I heard he was even inclined to blow his nose with it betul ke? ...eeeww!!). and Mr. Steve Wagner..... the girls in my batch mesti ketawa mengekek kalau diorang baca my response sebab I used to have a major crush on the unsuspecting dude lol!!! Not for me the ngintai2 balik tiang thingy heheh... everytime he passed our class I ended up doing push-ups on the floor lmao.... now how crazy was that? I suppose being outrageous was an in thing then.

Aahh to be young n crazily mad again.... those certainly were the days ;)


Hasnah Mohamed menyambung:

You right. Mr Wilson tu buat tie dia macam saputangan, to wipe anything and everything termasuk hingus. But he got a very cute, pretty green-eyed daughter named Lee Anne Wilson (she was about 5 or 6 years old at that time). Kalau Mr Wilson datang dekat meja, kita orang kena tahan nafas selama boleh ... ;)

Ya lah, Steve Wagner tu dulu considered quite good looking fellah. Kind of shy too. He didn't teach my class though.

I'm not surprised you did the push-ups. You were one of those (maybe only one kot?) who could do the head stand effortlessly (Gymnastics Club under Cikgu Kamaruzzaman and Cikgu Norizan). Masih boleh buat head stand tu ker?

Oh yes, those were the days ...

Kak Hasnah

Azlina Dollah menulis:

“There was a young male teacher from United Kingdom who met his future wife another female teacher from United Kingdom in SMSP/SEMSAS and later was married”.

Well, mokcik Senah, that young male teacher was Mr. Penrose who eventually married Mrs. Penrose (hehehhe … sorry mokcik buat lawak bodo sikit sebab den pun lupo dah namo minah salleh tu sobab dia tak ngajar den). Paling den ingat pasal Mr. Penrose ialah lagu yang dia guna untuk ajar “WH” question words and he played the guitar.

Peter Song

Nobody knows what Peter knows
Nobody knows what he does
Nobody knows where Peter goes
Nobody knows who he loves

He’s so mysterious
Incredibly mysterious
He’s not the man that he seems
Yes Peter is a mystery
Yes he is a mystery
He’s not the man that he seems

Nobody knows who he knows where he goes
Nobody knows what he does
Nobody knows why he does what he does
Nobody knows who he loves

Haa! Hebat penangan lagu Mr. Penrose. After 32 years and I can still sing the song.

Now that you mention Miss Crossley with her cotton dresses (I remember selalu gelakkan baju dia sebab dibuat dari kain kapas bunga-bunga halus yang selalu orang buat baju tidur, akhirnya sekarang ni den sendiri buat baju kurung dari kain kapas bunga halus begitu untuk di pakai ke sekolah waktu musim panas - selesa). Do you remember our Persatuan Agama Islam trip to Singapore?

Miss Crossley joined us with ustaz Omar and his wife (an ustazah but not teaching in SEMSAS). I sat behind them. When we stopped on the way for afternoon prayer, I saw Miss Crossley offering her facial oil absorber paper to the ustazah. Since none speak the other’s language, communication was achieved through signs and demonstrations, nevertheless.

Ha ha! How can you miss to mention Ayahanda’s trademark “NEVERTHELESS” . The magic always worked with the right volume and stress to wake us up during the long assemblies.

One of the teacher teaching my class in 1974 to 1975 was Cikgu Rani. He taught Mathematics. He challenged us with RM50 to get A for mathematics. In 1976 I claimed that RM50 from him. He was quite sheepish then coz I was not the only one. Cikgu Rani’s identity was a kerchief tied to his throat in place of a necktie. Always a happy soul Cikgu Rani was and treated us like friends.

There were Miss Jaya and Miss Naginder Kaur who taught me English. Mr. Penrose only came when I was in F4.

Of course there was Cikgu Anuar the Silat Jawa Siam guru. He taught me BM. And so did Cikgu Rizwan who eventually became an officer kat Jabatan Pelajaran Kuantan.. I was quite close to both them for Bahas Piala Sultan Ahmad Shah and Piala Perdana Menteri. They were good friends.

Eh! Takkan tak der sapa nak cerita pasal Mr Tan Eng Chuan. Rasanya Mat Zali is the best person to take us for a walk with Mr Tan. Calling Mat Zali …


Amdan Akil menulis:

Assalamualaikum, Lina D,
Bila awak cerita pasal Mr. Penrose, siap dgn senikata lagu tu, kawan terbayang balik cikgu tu yang tiap kali masuk kelas, bawak 2 tong buku cerita omputih untuk dipinjam. Awak antara yg paling awal berlari kedepan untuk selongkor tong dia tu … kalau tak silap pasangan dia Miss Brenda, sebelum masuk SMSP dia ngajo kat SMART (ada kawan kat SMART cerita ).

Ustaz Omar ada ngajo kita ke? Yang kawan ingat Ustaz Ismail...... kali pertama dan kedua masuk kelas dia bercakap pekat dgn bahasa baka (bukan baku), bila budak-budak gelak dia pun gelak sama … masuk kali ketiga bila kita tergelak dia keluo ayat power dia, sampai akhir masa, senyap sunyi kelas untuk hari tu dan hari-hari yg seterusnya … isteri dia pun kemudiannya ngajo kat SMSP, tapi kelas lain, terkenal dgn panggilan 'BIONIC WOMAN"..... HEHEHE …..

Sorang lagi cikgu yang suka menyindir, Mr. Tan Kok Meng - sambil ngajor selalu sebut, "Kamu semua pelajar terpilih, tapi ter ada dua.... satu menunjukkan paling, satu lagi menunjukkan tak sengaja” …. tapi tabikla sebab dia pandai tulis jawi ….

Masa tingkatan 4, sorang cikgu sementara, ngajor matemetik tambahan, tiap kali bercakap ayat permulaan dia...."Kalau di kaji..... sampai budak-budak beri gelaran 'Cikgu Kalau Dikaji'. Kalau dia masuk kelas, budak perempuan kena duduk belakang.


Azlina Dollah menjawab:

Ha’ah le Medan. Bukan ustaz Omar tapi ustaz Ismail Omar . He he he .... koi sekarang ni memang selalu gitu .. ngan bebudak koi dalam kelas pun .. selalu koi lupa nama dia tapi panggil nama ayah dia ... hmmm … teruk kes koi ni dah …

Terima kasih Medan. Awok ngingatkan pada Miss Brenda tu. Koi lupa lalu dah. Cuma ingat senyum manis dia dalam gambo kawin (dia hantar dua keping dari Surrey England. Bangga gile dapat surat cikgu dari England). Sayangnya gambo-gambo tu rosak dah.

Koi pun tak ingat lalu dah ustazah isteri ustaz Ismail tu mengajar kat SEMSAS.

Cikgu praktikum tu dari UKM. Ngajor Add Maths. Betul lah kata awok tu ...dia suruh bebudak perempuan seme duduk belakang. Yang paling koi ingat ayat dia ialah … “Seme nombor ni datang dari mana? Dari Tuhan”. Dan paling koi tak leh lupa ialah “Ayatollah, Rohullah, Musowwi, Khomeini!!!”.

Sikit punye bengang koi … selalu koi ponteng kelas dia konon ada duty kat dewan makan. Sebab tu koi failed Add Maths. Koi jadi putus angin nak belajar sedangkan koi dapat A1 matematik masa SRP ... menunjukkan koi bukan benak.

Ha’ah lah Medan! Ayat power ustaz Ismail … menda ah? Lupa doh!

Mr Tan Kok Meng ... ha ha ha! Muka dia selalu merah dan selalu gak kita kutuk kata tak mandi. Kekadang dia pakai baju yang sama dua tiga hari berturut-turut. Tapi koi memang tabik dia ngajo Geografi. Masa dia ngajo tu .. selamba jer dia lukis peta kat papan hitam. Yang kita ni terkial kial tekap peta dari buku teks.

Guru kelas kita dari Tingkatan 1 sampai Tingkatan 3 (seingat koi ler) ialah ustaz Nordin.. Paling tak leh lupa ialah hayunan tangan kanan dia serta bibir dia yang merah menyala macam pakai lipstick. Pemalu sesangat dia.

Sher, awok tak kan tak ingat?


Sahridah Abu Samah menulis:

Wah terrer lah ingatan you, Amdan. Miss Brenda tu ingat. Yang paling comei antara benggali putih yang ada kat sekolah masa tu. Mr. Penrose memang prince charming kami girls, terutama LinaD and me. Betul lah tu kami antara yang terdahulu kejor tong buku dia ... Dia pernah kata nanti dia nak carikan buku cerita love story lebih banyak sebab kami komplen kebanyakan buku dia tu bebudak sangat.... ewaah!

Bionic Woman tak ingat. Sapa eh?

Ustaz Omar pun tak ingat. Ustaz Ismail dan Ustaz Nordin jer ingat.

Mr Tan Kok Meng, yang paling ingat ialah muka dia yg memerah bila marah. By the way, muka dia memang sentiasa merah ... ada rumours tentang tu tapi tak nak cakaplah.

Heheh... cikgu yg ngajor matematik tambahan tu kami panggil cikgu mee Maggie ... sebab rambut dia betul macam mee maggie yang jadi kegilaan kita masa tu. Favourite dia Fatimah Yasin sebab Tim ni pandai matematik dan rajin jawab dia... Bukan setakat jawab soalan matematik, siap beri komen benda-benda lain yang buat dia pusing belakang tak mau tengok we girls!!

Memang betul dia suruh kami orang duduk kat belakang ... boys duk depan ... isyk nyampahnya masa tu!!

Hasnah Mohamed menambah:

I pun tak ingat Cikgu Bionic Woman ni. Siapa dia yek?

Ustaz Nordin ni I ingat sesangat. Orangnya kecik kurus jer. Dia ni memang baik hati. Saya dan beberapa kawan (tak ingat siapa) ada ziarah rumah sewa dia selepas dia baru mendirikan rumahtangga dan menyewa rumah sekitar Batu 3 atau Batu 4 Jalan Gambang.

Saya ingat seorang lagi cikgu yang ngajor Maths masa Form 4. Nama dia Mr. Loh Yong Ying tak silap. Dia ni kira hensem jugalah in a nerdy way. Seingat saya, kita suka benar nak padokkan dia dengan Miss Kong Lan Bee (deceased) yang ngajor English masa itu. Tapi tak menjadi ...

Mr. Loh ni yang paling saya tak boleh lupakan, nampak benar bujangnya sebab bila dia beli seluar baru, untuk padankan dengan ketinggian dia, kaki seluar tu dia stapler kan sahaja instead of jahit hem. Elok jer beratur bullet stapler tu pada kaki seluar dia. Dia buat dak jer ngajor dengan seluar tu. Cool eh mamat tu! Yang kita ni dok senyum-senyum kambing melihat kaki seluar dia ... heheh.

Miss Kong pulak guru kelas 5.1. Dia ngajar my class 5.2 subjek English. Mengikut pandangan saya masa tu, Miss Kong ni lah yang paling fashionable pada masa itu. She had long, thick hair panjang ke pinggang dan pandai dressing sesuai dengan diri dia. She was an attractive lady actually. Her english class memang tak boring.

Miss Kong ni class teacher Pae (Kelas 5.1). Maybe Pae remembers more about her?


Amdan Akil menulis:


Mintak maaf, silap maklumat ….
Bionic Woman tu bukan isteri Ustaz Ismail, Ustazah Saamah kalau tak silap ... isteri Pengurus Besar Tabung Haji Pahang. Tahun 1980an terlibat kemalangan kat Kg Awah, suami dia meninggal, ustazah dengar cerita cedera parah, lepas tu tak tau dah cerita tu...

Masa kawan kerja kat Kuala Lepeh dengar Cikgu Nazar Nong meninggal sebab kemalangan juga … kalau tak silap kat Benta. Tahun 80an juga dengar Cikgu Kadis meninggal, masa tu adik ipar dia ngajo kat Politeknik Kuantan, dia lah yang cerita.

Ustaz Nordin … guru kelas kami 73-75 yang paling baik, kalau nak maghoh pun dia geleng kepala je ... satu hari tu ada kecurian ais krim kat ko-op, dia panggil sema bebudak lelaki turun....... sedang dia bercakap .... .ada budak main lampu … dia pun maghoh, "Ape ni, tutup padam, tutup padam..... budak-budak tergelak, ada yang betulkan, "Buka tutup, buka tutup cikgu", dia pun tergelak sama ....abis .... tak jadi nak maghoh, bersurai je lepas tu.....


Azhar Aziz @ Qisan (SPM 1988) menulis:

salam semua .. nak mencelah sket ... tumpang lalu abg2 dan akak2 semua :)

bila terbaca cerita pasal cikgu tan kok meng dan ustazah saamah ... teringat la zaman koi dulu (84-88). cikgu tan kok meng ni ngajor inggeris kelas koi ... sampai masa tu pun .. tong kayu penuh ngan buku cerita masih ada lagi ... tapi koi diantara yg malas nak baca buku2 tu semua. bab muka dia yang merah padam tu dan baju yang sama dipakai berulang kali tu... antara benda yang kami selalu kutuk ... nasib baik la .. masa form 5 cikgu lain yang ngajor .. heheh

cerita ustazah saamah .. kalau masa abg2 dan akak2 dulu dia dipanggil bionic women .. zaman koi .. dia terkenal dengan nama power slave. kalau tak silap koi la .. ikon iron maiden yang femes zaman tu ... pastu .. kalau tak silap koi jugak .. mmg dia terlibat dengan accident dan suami dia meninggal akibat kemalangan tu .. lepas tu dia terus ngajor kat semsas. rasanya dia keluar masa koi masih disemsas lagi .. tak ingat tahun berapa. maybe ada kengkawan yang ingat itu antara nama-nama cikgu zaman 70an yang masih ada pada zaman koi ... masa akshah 2005 dulu ... batch 75 telah menjemput ramai cikgu-cikgu yang sezaman dgn dorang .. tak silap koi .. dorang sponsor 2 meja untuk semua cikgu tu .. ramai jugak yang koi kenal tapi tak ingat nama ... may be akshah tahun ni .. abg2 dan akak2 bleh kumpulkan balik cikgu2 ni semua ...

class of 1988

ps. teringat cikgu ong ah ping mengucap bila marah sebab budak2 salah jawab soalan math dia ..

Suhaimi Saad (SPM 1991) menulis:

Bro Qisan keluar SEMSAS 1988. Tahun 1989, masa tu saya Tingkatan 3, Ustazah Saamah Ayub masih ada. Maknanya dia tukar sekolah lain masa Bro Qisan dah takde di SEMSAS.

Setahu saya, Ustazah Saamah ada 'masalah' sikit dengan Pengetua masa tu, Hj Mohd Fadzil Abdul Malek. Sama ada mohon ditukar, atau memang ditukarkan ke SMTAA, Kuantan. Mungkin ada informasi yang lebih tepat, kerana saya hanya bersandarkan kepada ingatan. He He.


Encik S.

Paezah Abd Rahman menulis:

Ms LB Kong mmg chic, walaupun, as Noni pointed out ... style dia sama je! Hehehe. As form teacher dia mmg baik, sometimes a bit menggelabah when the boys teased her (I think our school was her first posting, jadi dia masih belum very "school marm-ish", more the trendy n fun young lady). Kalau tak salah dia anak tokeh bas Pekan (yang hitam putih tu). Tapi tak banyak sgt cerita "best" pasal Ms Kong sbb dia tak banyak kerenah. I think Mr Wagner was trying to get close to her, though ...

Mr YY Loh was my mentor … taught 5.1 both modern n add maths. I always get an earful from him if my math test scores were not so good. His fave reminder was ‘Don't be too complacent’ ... He's a Mentakab chap, pernah satu kali (in 1978 or 79) saya naik bas KL-Temerloh and got him as seat-mate! Mak aih … 2 jam nak melayan cikgu, hehehehehe. He offered me kuih bom (which looked rather home-made), terkial-kial koi nak refuse (bimbang je tak halal). He took the trouble to explain to me that it was only tepung pulut and red bean paste. But my mind sprang to "goreng pakai minyak apa?" - taklah tanya directly kat Mr Loh, hanya tertanya-tanya. Tapi tak ingat pulak dah, apa jadi … did I accept the kuih or did I manage to refuse … <jeng, jeng, jeng>

The boys used to write his name as "Miss Telur" on the board, in between classes. Nasib baik takde yang ber ''telur" kat dahi/kepala/ wherever dibantai Miss Telur. Hehehehe

Memang kita kenen-kenen dia orang berdua ni dulu, tapi tak ada chemistry gamoknya. Mr Loh eventually married a Peranakan teacher (my sis' colleague - St Thomas Kuantan) and his poor wife had a hard time adjusting to pure Chinese culture. Mr Loh even refused to allow her to wear the famous nyonya kebaya! Tapi tak taulah kalau akhirnya dia tak kisah Mrs Loh tunjuk identiti Baba.

Another teacher I remember is Ms FE Crossley, taught us Chemistry - form teacher masa Form 4. English lady with her unforgettable perfume (to me at least, as I can still remember the smell ...! ) and her big ring! She was nice, tak banyak kerenah juga. I wrote her once or twice after she left and she did reply, tapi lepas tu tak follow up, tak ingat kenapa! Maybe she's now granny FE .. hehehehe (btw, FE = Frances Elizabeth)

Cikgu pelik was Mrs Ananda, the bio teacher tapi mcm biol je. heh heh heh. Always fawning around … entah apa yang diangan-angankan. With her somewhat odd body proportion and heavy make-up, maybe she was thinking she's Saira Banu/Zeenat Aman-lookalike or something! Kah kah kah .. (errr .. very cruel of me to make fun of her, she never really bothered me those days! )

Mr Emosi who taught us Physics was none other than Mr Woo aka Woo Woo Burung Hantu. Kesian dia, berleter panjang pun tak merubah attitude some of us indifferent lazybones … hehehehe. At one point, he was so frustrated with our (5.1) performance that he spent a whole period "berceramah" . Yang tak boleh lupa, he almost screamed, "... you are frauds!!". But why fraud? Hmm .. because he said we pretended that we were ok (Physics-wise) but actually we were fooling ourselves as we knew nothing! BTW, my Physics grade was not good (so Mr Woo was right after all!!!) but much better than my Bio .. hehehehe


Ms F.E. Crossley memotong kek diperhatikan oleh Paezah Abd Rahman dan Asmah Ahmad

(Gambar sumbangan Paezah Abd Rahman)

Dr Nasir Zainal Abidin menulis:

Ada lagi guru dari luar negara - tahun 1974 ada guru bernama Steve Fenton dari Scotland mengajar Integrated Science. Daripada dia kita orang (2 Sc 1 - 1974) tahu mengenai haggis dan kilt dan bagpipes. Dia okay juga. Tetapi yang paling hebat mengajar kita orang (5 Sc 1 - 1977) ialah Mr Woo Hee Chuan. Bila dia mengajar budak-budak dalam kelas angkat buku tutup muka takut tempias . Tetapi dia tak pernah marah sedikit pun. Punyalah bagus dia mengajar Physics, sampaikan budak kelas lain yang tengah berbaris kat luar nak masuk makmal, boleh belajar dan faham sama.

Amalludin menulis:

Assalamualaikum wrt

Fenton dia pakai Fiat 127. Berciut test brake keretanya kat jalan tepi bangunan sekolah. Brenda Malkin tu ingat nama je, ghupenya dah tak ingat. Ada 2 orang lagi yang pernah join kami main ragbi. Apa ke namanye. Seorang tu sprintingnya bagus sekali dan seorang lagi tinggi lampai (tak ingat nama) 4 orang tackle selamba je dia heret. Ada tak Spencer ?

Ada tak yang ingat cikgu yang masa ngajor maths. Sambil tulis-tulis kat papan hitam, toleh kat pelajar, selalu sebut 'yes' or 'no'. Apa ke nama nye yek?

Dr Nasir Zainal Abidin menyambung:

Waalaikum salam.

Maaf Amal tak sure mana satu yang dimaksudkan. Ingat ada satu Cikgu Mr James Cogburn. Petang-petang dia selalu pakai singlet putih dan short hitam pergi jogging. Kita orang, Ridzuan Ismail, saya dan ada dua tiga orang lagi selalu ikut dia. Tetapi dia cukup hebat, jadi kita orang ini selalu kena kentut dek dia. Tapi lepas heboh cerita orang lari streaking kat Kampung Sungai Pandan kot (bahagian ini dah lupa) dia tak lari lagi. Heh.. heh …Cerita streaking kata Mr Cogburn ni, they have nothing on them except smiles.

Hasnah Mohamed bertanya:

Mr JC ni ngajar subjek apa dan kelas mana? Ingat samar-samar jer ada sorang cikgu omputih suka jogging ni.


Maaroff menjawab:

Yang jogging tu Lucas Corvin.

Azman Majid menulis:

Mr Tan Soo Jin, kalau tak silap ngajor Modern Math. Seorang lagi Cikgu Abd Aziz ngajor Geografi,main takraw jadi tekong. Killer Cikgu Mamat.

Rosuna Abu Hanifah menulis tentang Azman Majid

yang baru masuk Kg SMSP77:

Assalamu 'alaikum wrt

Saya blank pasal jejaka hansem no.24 ni tapi jangan ambik hati. 'Ala kulli hal. Selamat datang ke kampung cyber kita.

Regards wassalam

Ahmad Razali Abd Malek menulis:


Seingat aku ... Man Majid ni memang antara jenama yang masuk bakul hensem lagi omel ... rambut tetap sikat belah tepi ngan minyak rambut peh ... angin tiup pun tak menggugat ... kasut Badminton Master tapak merah ... lesung pipit dia nescaya menghancuskan… anyway selamat datang kedunia kengkawan yang sekampong …

Aku je.

*Nota Bas 7377: Pada tahun 70an kasut canvas putih sekolah yang popular pada masa itu adalah keluaran jenama `Bata’ bernama `Badminton Master’. Ada 2 jenis yang dijual, yang biasa bertapak hijau dan jenis yang satu lagi bertapak merah*

Azman Majid menulis:

Salam Sejahtera,

Aku sikit pun tak ambik hati sebab paham dah 30 tahun tak jumpa mana nak ingat. Hasnah yang satu kelas dengan aku pun dah lupa nama aku. Jadi untuk kembalikan ingatan dan kenangan lama tu, biarlah aku kenalkan diri. No pelajar 0043 kelas 5.2. Masa di SABS dulu selalulah dijemput "menyumbangkan" lagu dalam rancangan 'Hiburan Malam Minggu". Kena nyanyi atas meja makan di dining hall. Habis lagu-lagu popular waktu itu (lagu Kumpulan D'llyod, Favourite Group & Mercy) aku "sumbangkan". Nasib baiklah ada Subam menyelamatkan keadaan.


Kad Pelajar SMSP Keluaran 1976

Azman Majid Diatas Pentas SMSP 1974
Semua gambar sumbangan koleksi Azman Majid

Masa di Kuantan (Form 4 & 5), kemana pergi aku selalu bertiga bersama Borhan Ismail (Pak Bor) dan Rahman Aziz (Kidul). Kalau masih tak ingat juga tengok ajelah gamber "HANSEM + CUTE" yang aku attached bersama ni. Cuma lesong pipit yang Zali Malek katakan tu tak adelah. Yang ada cuma lesong padi .... (bekas jerawat batu).

Azman Majid

Gambar sumbangan Azman Majid

*Nota Bas 7377: Berdiri dari kiri dikenalpasti Saemah Hassan (bertanda ???), sebelah Gan Eng Wee ialah Norazam Jaafar junior Class of 78 (juga bertanda ???), lelaki bertanda ??? junior Class of 78 nama tidak pasti, duduk pertama sebelah kiri Latiffa Zamzam (The RedKebaya) juga junior Class of 78. Lain-lain adalah ahli Bas 7377*

Masih Bersama Classmate 5.2
Gambar sumbangan Azman Majid

Dr Nasir Zainal Abidin menulis:

Bas 7377 terus bergerak lagi. Pada tahun 1978 kita semua meninggalkan SEMSAS untuk greener pasture. Ada yang pergi ke UM untuk Asasi Sains dan ada yang pergi ke UTM dan UPM untuk kursus-kursus Diploma. Ada juga yang berangkat ke UK untuk A-Levels. Gambar ini diambil sewaktu melawat EXSAS yang baru saja memulakan Diploma mereka kat UPM. Sewaktu itu saya dan Rushdi baru selesai menghadiri Orientasi untuk pelajar-pelajar JPA yang akan ke UK. Siapa sangka Rahim Manaf keluar dari UPM untuk jadi pilot TUDM. Siapa juga sangka Azman yang dulu buat Diploma Perikanan kini menjawat jawatan tinggi dalam PDRM. Dalam gambar ini ada juga senior-senior seperti Norhashim Ujang dan Azizan Asmuni.


Gambar sumbangan Dr Nasir Zainal Abidin
1978 di UPM selepas SEMSAS


Gambar-gambar dari koleksi Hasnah Mohamed lengkap dengan catatan sewaktu berumur 13 tahun. Yang menarik minat adalah ejaan dan bahasa melayu pada masa itu.



Akaun Kebajikan EXSAS

Nama : Persatuan Bekas Pelajar SEMSAS
Bank : Affin Bank Wangsa Maju
No Akaun : 105040031824

Akaun Bank EXSAS

Nama : Persatuan Bekas Pelajar Semsas

Bank : Maybank Berhad, Kelana Jaya

No Akaun : 5623 5750 2760

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